Developed in 2008 to supplement the traditional university jazz curriculum, the MKGO big band workshop introduces students to concepts pioneered by artists including Steve Coleman, Ornette Coleman, Henry Threadgill and Sun Ra.

Presented in a large group format, the clinic focuses the application of techniques such as non-traditional meters, harmonic extrapolation, free form playing, drum chant (clave), a cappella horn settings, and modern arrangement.

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During the course of his well-organized and exciting workshop at Onondaga Community College, Mike Kammers, with the help of his accomplished musicians, engaged, stimulated, and challenged the students in my band while opening their eyes, ears, and minds to the wider world of cutting-edge jazz and jazz improvisation. His workshop and concert sessions were an unforgettable experience for my band and created a buzz that carried through the remainder of our school year, informing our rehearsals and concerts alike.

-Steve Frank Director of Jazz Studies, Onondaga Community College

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Around the World with MK in 80 Minutes: Assimilating the vast amounts of cultural and musical information available in today’s digital age into a cohesive, informed musical whole

In the fall of 2010, I was invited to Villa Maria College in Buffalo, NY by my good friend and colleague Brian DeAngelo to play some solo saxophone and speak about it at the world music class he teaches there. After some discussion and thought, we decided it best for me to put together a class about various musics from around the world and how they relate to what we do in our music in the MK Trio.

Incorporating discussion, performance, lecture and multimedia, we covered the African diaspora and colonialism’s effect on the spread of West African rhythms through the caribbean and the world, the musical results of the mingling and hybridization of these musics, and how we have incorporated them into our own music in an informed manner.

I also prepared sections on Jamaican music as well as R+B and the Blues, but alas there was not enough time.

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MK has been a clinician at:

-Onondaga Community College – Syracuse, NY – Fall 2008 – MKGO big band workshop
-Villa Maria College – Buffalo, NY – Fall 2010 – World Music Lecture
-University of North Texas – Denton, TX – Winter 2011 – Composition Workshop (w/ Suite Unraveling)
-University of North Texas – Denton, TX – Winter 2011 – Performance/Rhythm Workshop (w/Suite Unraveling)
-Cal State Eastbay – Oakland, CA – January 2011 – Jazz Workshop (w/ The Suite Unraveling)
-Villa Maria College – Buffalo, NY – September 2011 – World Music Demonstration
-Texas A+M – College Station, TX – November 2011 – Composition Residency/Performance
-Metropolitan Arts Institute (Charter High School) – Phoenix, ZA – August 2012 – Lecture/Performance w/ The Funk Ark