I teach Saxophone, Piano and Theory/Compositions through Brooklyn Music Lessons.

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“As a professional Saxophonist/Pianist/Composer/Bandleader and Educator, I concentrate my years of experience into a laid back, professional teaching style that is as effective as it is adaptable to each student’s goals and learning style.

Once a rapport is established with the student and I have an understanding of the student’s level, approach, goals and level of interest, we work together to craft a program of study that is clear, focused and effective for the individual.

Whether teaching Saxophone, Piano, or Theory, I generally try to break up my students’ study into areas Tone/Time/Technique/Theory/Creativity with a focus on fundamentals. Again, this is all dependent on the student’s needs and wants. I try avoiding a dogmatic approach and craft the approach to the student, not the other way around. This generally requires a fair amount of thought and engagement from the student.”