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  • Analog Spirit Quest Vol 1

    Analog Spirit Quest Vol. 1 is the first release from the collaboration of The Brother's Nylon (Twins Nick and Michael Rufolo) and Michael Kammers (MK Groove Orchestra).  

    It is the culmination of a year of sessions recording exclusively on the legendary Tascam 388 8 track mixing board which is the first and last of it's kind (an 8 track tape machine with the mixing board and tape all in the same unit.)  

    The album was completely DIY with the collaborators doing all the production themselves and recording at their home studios, Charles Bronxin' Studios (Bronx/Brothers Nylong) and Electric Windowland Studios (Brooklyn/MK)

    The collaboration began when Kammers purchased a Tascam 388 and invited the twins over to see if they could fix it.  After being in the studio together for an hour the twins had already fixed the board and the newly formed collective had improvised the rhythm section tracks for the whole album in one long jam that spanned a complete tape.  

    The next year was spent overdubbing and inviting guest musicians to take part in the project.  Each track was done quickly in the heat of the moment deliberately capturing the magical spark of creativity right at it's inception to analog tape.  Hence the name.  

    Thank you for joining us, on our Analog Spirit Quest.  This is the first of many volumes.  We sincerely hope you enjoy the journey. 

    Preorder Analog Spirit Quest Vol 1 here.